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Year of Rabbit, Khmer Horoscope

Probably this year is the most active year for Shopping Items in Cambodia, because during the new year of Rabbit Year people were really busy. As at last in this fortune telling, the story told that people whose born in this year have very appropriate job as lawyer, marketing campaign, discussion debate but business jobs won't fit well with them.

Khmer Horoscope, Buddhist Astrology in Cambodia

You can watch from the video which is trying to tell and explain about the Khmer Horoscope as well as the Buddhist Astrology in Cambodia. Enjoy and make comment!

Year of Tiger, Khmer Horoscope

For those people male or female who born in this year having a bit nasty heart when chatting or talking to people and showing real action just like people said a tiger born person. But there is no way other people can beat them and always win in whatever business, life facing situation and all condition of personality set.

Year of Ox, Khmer Horoscope

For those who was born in the year of Ox you want to see through your future and what words are predicting or projecting some ways of your life which could be accurate if you believe it or don't accurate if you won't believe it. Take it or leave it is on you!

Khmer Zoom Horoscope on Facebook

Khmer Zoom is a web application that can tell some secrete of life by just entering the date of birth. When press enter to show result then you can see what talks about you.
I am sure many people haven't try this application and still cannot find where to make it happen but yeah now it is a chance for you to test but make sure you don't feel upset or anything after playing. Good luck!